Study for your exam from anywhere.

Use your smart device to change your future! Skilled Trade Exams provides access to auto-generated multiple choice exam questions to prepare you for license and certification test questions that can be found in real-test scenarios.

What we do

The Skilled Trades Exam by OPIS evolved to pair its successful license examination books to application software to enhance the learning and application experience of skilled trades students across the world.

What do you do after you have read the books on the topic you are studying for? How do you make the most of your studying and preparation time? How many hours do you spend on your phone that if switched to studying would all but guarantee your success?

Switch off the social media and click on to your future with using that time to get on your grind and improve use of your time!

About Us

Are you looking to pass your HVAC, Boiler and Refrigeration Operator license examination? What about your GED to get you ready for the exam or the ASVAB for military service? Looking to test for your Building Analyst exam or your Master Plumber or Electrician certification?

Well, the Skilled Trades Exam app was made for you! Each autogenerated exam was designed with you in mind. Exams can be taken per topic or as a sub-topic to concentrate competency testing in a focused area.

An online testing database for multiple skilled trades license and certification topics that will prepare test takers for their upcoming examination or course work.

A website accessible test taking platform for students and stakeholders looking for an easy and mobile method to prepare for a variety of career based skilled trade exams.

A fast method to test your knowledge of various subjects against other test takers across the globe and judge your competency of a particular subject.


Single Test Use



/per test

Single use test plan for those not looking for a monthly plan subscription service. There is no limit on the number of single test uses you can purchase. Each test either topic or subtopic will be charged separately. This plan does not offer a refund/cancellation.

Monthly Plan




Monthly recurring fee of $5.99 for unlimited single user application.. Monthly subscription allows users to take tests across all subject platforms. If a user decides to cancel their subscription the cancellation of subscription will be effective for the following month.

Annual Plan




With a one-time payment of $59.99, users will have unlimited access to all tests across all platforms for one year. Subscription cancellation is not offered for one year of sign-up.